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PostSubject: WEAPON SYSTEM   Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:20 pm

Weapon System

Weapons System

This is a list of the different weapons you can buy in game. The better the weapons the more expensive they are obviously, and for the elite equipment you have to pay with uridium. Uridium can be bought with real money, or you can buy it with in game credits in auctions.


LF1 - max 40 damage.
MP1 - max 60 damage.
LF2 - max 100 damage.
LF3 - max 150 damage.

Laser ammunition

LCB-10 - 1x damage.
MCB-25 - 2x damage.
MCB-50 - 3x damage.


R310 - 1000 damage per hit.
PTL-2026 - 2000 damage per hit.
PTL-2121 - 4000 damage per hit.


ACM-1 - 20% damage when detonated.

Equipment System

To rise to the top and beat the best players in PVP you really need to get yourself the best equipment out there. This is a list of ship equipment you can get in Dark Orbit, it doesn’t cover weapons or CPU, you can find that in other posts here.


SG3N-A01 - 1000 shield strength, absorbs 40% damage.
SG3N-A02 - 2000 shield strength, absorbs 50% damage.
SG3N-B01 - 4000 shield strength, absorbs 70% damage.
SG3N-A03 - 5000 shield strength, absorbs 60% damage.
SG3N-B02 - 10000 shield strength, absorbs 80% damage.


G3N-1010 - Increases the ships speed by 2.
G3N-2010 - Increases the ships speed by 3.
G3N-3210 - Increases the ships speed by 4.
G3N-3310 - Increases the ships speed by 5.
G3N-6900 - Increases the ships speed by 7.
G3N-7900 - Increases the ships speed by 10.

Repair bots

Repair Bot 1 –5,000 hit points
Repair Bot 2 –20,000 hit points
Repair Bot 3 –50,000 hit points

Drones System

The drones circle your ship and support you in whatever the way you
equipped them, extras, lasers or shield generators. It is on you to decide if you want to have a battle cruiser or all shield generators as protection.

You can buy the drones in the hangar section drones. The drone price goes up with every drone you purchase.

There are two kinds of drones, the credit drone and the Uridium drone.

The drones differ in number of slots and design
The credit drone is called Flax
The Uridium drone is called Iris

The Flax has one slot
The Iris has two slots

Use of Drone

In the hangar section equipment you can equip your drones with lasers, shield generators and extras. You can not equip them with speed generators, since the drones are an escort ship it would not make any sense. With a higher drone level the strength of the laser or the shield generator will increase by a certain percentage.

Drone Price

The prices for drones are:

For the Flax:

1. Drone 100.000 Credits
2. Drone 200.000 Credits
3. Drone 400.000 Credits
4. Drone 800.000 Credits
5. Drone 1.600.000 Credits
6. Drone 3.200.000 Credits
7. Drone 6.400.000 Credits
8. Drone 12.800.000 Credits

Amount needed to purchase all 8 credit drones: 24.001.500 Credits

For the Iris:

1. Drone 15.000 Uridium
2. Drone 24.000 Uridium
3. Drone 42.000 Uridium
4. Drone 60.000 Uridium
5. Drone 84.000 Uridium
6. Drone 96.000 Uridium
7. Drone 126.000 Uridium
8. Drone 200.000 Uridium

Amount needed to purchase all 8 uridium drones: 647.000 Uridium.

Drone Repair

The repair costs 500 Uridium for a regular player, a premium member only has to pay 250 Uridium per drone and repair.
When to repair is your choice, when the drone reaches 100% destruction it will be destroyed and you will loose the drone. The destruction of your drone will rise when your ship is destroyed. If you repair your drones they will loose one level.

Drone Items

If your drone is destroyed or you sell it, the items will go back into your hangar. You will not loose any generators, lasers or extras.

Multiple Extras

You can not use the same extra at the same time. You can not use two repair bots or ammo doublers. Through the drones you can use more different extras at the same time.

Drone Level

The level of your drone consists of the experience the drone could collect, since you bought it. Every level of your drone gives it a different look. There are 6 different levels. A higher level gives your drone more fire power or shield strength, depending on how you equip them.

Here is the table you can use to calculate your drone level. You guys asked for it soo bad that we decided to publish it.
It is pretty complicated and I would recommend a calculator when you do it.

In order to get the drones to level they need to gain experience.
Every time you shoot a NPC or enemy ship you get drone experience points.
The stronger the ship the less amount of points are given to your drones.

Max drone level is 6. The drones level at 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 points.

Repair System

As long as the ship is not completely destroyed (0 HP) a repair-bot may repair your ship.

Repair bots

- can be purchased in the hangar under extras (Credits for the standard edition, uridium for the elite-edition)
- or can be auctioned in the store (only elite-editionfor credits)
Once purchased, the Repair-Bot will remain in your possession until another is purchased.

The repair bot can be used unlimited times.
- after you bought it, equip it on your ship and reload your spacemap.


- It must be activated under the Extrassection by clicking the Repair button. The bot will repair the ship until it the HP is full. This process must be repeated each time a repair is needed.
- Unintended cancellation of the repair process: If the ship is moved or attacked, the repair bot will cancel the repair and must be reactivated (click on Repair).


- This chip will give the repair bot the ability to repair automatically. If your ship stops, the bot will repair your ship automatically after 2 seconds.
If the ship is completely destroyed, you will not be able to travel through space.


- Repair the current ship for 500 Uridium (not advisable with Phoenix Starjet, as it is free of charge).
- Purchase of new ship see How do I receive a new ship?
Tip: If you have a Phoenix Starjet, always purchase a new ship instead of repairing your old.
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