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PostSubject: RESOURCES AND LAB   Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:01 pm

Resource & Lab System

Basic Resource

There are 7 types of resources:

- 4 (raw) resources: Promethium (red), Endurium (blue), Terbium (yellow), Xenomit (silver, but cannot be found in space)
- 3 processed resources: Prometid (pink), Duranium (green), Promerium (yellow/orange)

Gain Resources

Promethium, Endurium, Terbium

Collect: They float in space and can be collected with your ship.
- Map X-1: Promethium, Endurium
- Map X-2: Promethium, Endurium, Terbium
- Map X-3 / X-4: Endurium, Terbium

By shooting down space ships:
- Strainer: each 10 Promethium, Endurium
- Lordakia: each 20 Promethium, Endurium, Terbium
- Saimon: each 40 of all 3 resources as well as 2 Prometid and 2 Duranium


Can be auctioned with credits or bought instantly with Uridium in the store.
Shot down spaceships may also drop Xenomit.

Prometid, Duranium, Promerium
Process: these resources can be processed by the 4 raw materials mentioned above. The recepies can be found in the Hangar under the Laboratory. They can also be obtained by shooting down enemies.

Resource Store

All resources are always in the cargo hold of your ship. The stored amount can be seen in the lab. Resources can be lost if your ship is destroyed.
Xenomit is special as it can be obtained by shooting down spaceships, which however is not always the case.

Use of Resource

- Sell them for credits in your own company base (Map X-1): al l resources except Xenomit
- Process in the lab
- Upgrade your weapon with processed resources.

The advantages for processing resources, selling and weapon upgrades

- Processing results in less cargo space requirements (as more raw materials are processed into less processed ore).
- Selling processed resources will result in less income than selling the required raw resources.
- Weapon upgrades:
1.Prometid: one unit will increase the firepower of lasers and rockets by 15% for 10 shots (up to 1000 shots can be improved).
2. Duranium: one unit will increase the generator performance of either the propulsion or shield by 10% for 10 minutes.
3. Promerium: one unit will increase the firepower by 30% or the generator performance by 20%.

Bonus Crates

Bonus crates are small crates which are scattered in space which contain valuable items.
Bonus crates can be found on all maps.

In the bonus crates you will find:

- Class I or II laser ammunition
- Credits
- Uridium (approx. 6%)
- for every jackpot
The amount is randomized.
Tip: On the Battle maps of 4-X you will always receive 50% than on normal maps

The cargo-Box contains different things depending on map NPC or enemy ship:




Refine System(In Lab)

For refinement, click on your lab and select refining.
Make sure you have the required ores for your refining and click on produce.

If you have the needed ores, click on your lab and select : UPDATE.

Drag the ores to the equipment you want to upgrade.
Select the number of ores you want to use and click OK.

Upgrades and duration:

on weapons ( lasers and rockets ) you'll get 10 rounds per ore.
so you'd get 10 rockets upgraded or 10 laser shots upgraded.

on shields and speed engines you'll get 10 minutes bonus per ore.
be aware : the timer even runs down if you're not online, so plan how long you need this update.

List of ores and how to get them:

basic ores, found everywhere on maps and on all NPCs ( no Terbium on streuners on x-1 maps )

Prometium is found on x-1 and x-2 maps ( best place are the x-2 maps )
Endurium is found on all maps ( best place is x-4 maps )
Terbium is found on maps x-2, x-3 and x-4 ( best place is x-3 maps )

Midclassed ores, found on NPCs only ( saimon and stronger ), can also be refined on lab.

Prometid requires 20 Prometium and 10 Endurium per ore.
Bonus : 15% more firepower on lasers / rockets.

Duranium requires 20 Terbium and 10 Endurium per ore.
Bonus : 10% more shields / speed.

Highclass ores, found on NPCs only ( Mordon and stronger, not on Streuners on x-8 maps ),
can also be refined on the lab.

requires 10 Prometid , 10 Duranium and 1 Xenomit per ore.
Bonus : 30% more firepower / 20%more shields/speed

Xenomit is found on BOSS NPCs only or can be bought in the trade section.
you cannot produce Xenomit by yourself and you can't sell Xenomite.

No ores free in space on Battle maps and maps x-5 >> x-8 !

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